Round About Chaos

Denise and I engaged a taxi and started downtown to the shopping mall last Monday, intending to satisfy an oft felt craving for some comfort food. There’s a Pizza Hut located there, with a special priced menu item available at lunch that meets the comfort standard, and at about $5.00 per person appeals to my long nurtured sense of thriftiness.

We left the apartment about 12:30, in the midst of one of the four daily rush hour periods. Most children return home at lunch, and a significant number of businesses close from about 12:00 until 2:00, thus creating a situation similar to returning home late in the afternoon. Return home drive-time (bus or walk time here) is more like 6:00 to 7:00 p.m. Regardless, during each of these four time periods, the streets are pretty congested in Fes. Continue reading

A Votre Service!

At Your Service

The three word title above was emblazoned on the side of the delivery truck that arrived in front of our apartment this past Friday. That’s French for “at your service.” The driver was bringing a new mattress for a double bed in one of the bedrooms of our apartment. Denise decided early last week that the old one needed replacing. Happily, we have company a-coming this weekend!

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Door to Door

This present iteration of our time in Morocco began Wednesday morning when we closed the front door of our home in Bluff Park. The Lyft taxi Denise had ordered arrived and displaced us to the airport the requested two hours before departure. The lead time allowed us to indulge ourselves in what has become a tradition; we treat ourselves to a pre-departure meal at Jim & Nick’s Barbecue. The time of our flight, scheduled at 11:50, meant this meal happened to be breakfast. I managed to find a breakfast item that included pulled pork.

Our itinerary took us to Detroit from Birmingham, and after a two hour layover, we boarded the Airbus A-300 for the eight hour flight to Paris. With the time change and delay, we departed about five pm EDT. The time difference between Paris and Detroit is six hours, so we witnessed the sunrise just an hour or so before our arrival at 7:30. Continue reading